Finally Foscam released unofficial beta firmware for the Foscam C1 camera. In this firmware they added human detector option, so the camera motion detector is able to work behind the window glass. Simply You can disable that option and simultaneously is disabled the PIR sensor. You don’t need to do any hardware changes described in my previous post but I’ll keep that description if the firmware wouldn’t work for any reason. To flash the camera firmware You must use System/Path Installation from the camera web menu.

Here is link for new beta firmware (You are using that on Your risk, but I flashed my 2 cameras and they are working fine):

Foscam beta firmware


(Hardware modification if firmware above wouldn’t work well)

Foscam C1 camera is well made camera, packet with many cool features like 115 degrees view angle, SD card recording, motion detection, two-way speaker system, IR light. Picture quality of this camera is good also. Unfortunately the latest firmware caused the camera does not work behind the window glass, because Foscam decided to combine PIR motion detector and video motion detector together. This problem persist since may 2015 and is not solved still (Foscam firmware V-2.x.2.16-20150918). For anybody who wouldn’t to wait next months for new firmware release (I’m not sure they able to fix that anyway) and have basic manual experience with electronic circuits here is solution.
I decided to disable PIR motion detector completely (is useless behind windows glass). This solution is reversible in case if Foscam will fix this problem in the feature.

I’m not taking any responsibility for any damages, guaranty loss etc. This is Your decision.

If You’re OK with that follow next steps:

  1. Carefully remove the camera faceplate



























































2. Unscrew the plastic body ring





















3. Unscrew the top circuit board






















4. Remove lenses and take apart top circuit.






















5. Now very important step. You must bend the PIN connector (don’t cut!) as on picture below. This PIN is connection to PIR from the top circuit board to bottom circuit and must be disconnected.

























6. On the bottom circuit board You must solder 47k (47kOhm) resistor as on the pictures below:


















































Now piece everything together, check connections and adjust the focus. I have 2 cameras working well with motion detection behind the window after this modifications.

Good luck.